Sunday Survey about Workplace conditions

Did you see our little survey last Sunday? It was all about your workplace conditions.

We wanted first of all to know if you are happy with the design of your workplace and if it’s important for your well-being to have a workplace where you feel at home. We asked you further if you prefer a steady or a flexible workplace. In the end we wanted to get knowledge if your workplace encourages you to contact and collaborate with other colleagues and teams.

The results show that a majority of 73% is rather not satisfied with the design of their workplace, while only 27% said they were happy with the design. For the question if it’s important to have a workplace where you feel at home, 72% stated that it definitely is and 28% that it isn’t. For the next question, the results are less clear. In fact, 48% said that they prefer a steady workplace and 52% that they prefer a flexible place. For the last inquiry we had a result of 54% who said their workplace encourages them to get in touch and work with other colleagues to 46% who said it doesn’t encourage them.

Sunday Survey about Workplace Conditions