Sunday Survey About Salary Negotiations

Last Sunday, our little survey was about salary negotiations. Whether during a job at a company or when changing to a new job – the subject of salary negotiations is something everyone encounters in their career and is often not that easy.

That’s why we first of all wanted to know if you are brave at negotiating pay. Also if you think that men dare more than women in salary negotiations and if you thought that salary negotiations are fair these days, no matter if man or woman.

Results show: Well over half of the respondents (60%) are actually not brave when it comes to salary negotiations. 40% claimed the opposite. When asked whether men dare more in salary negotiations, , everyone was very much in agreement: 83% stated this was definitely the case, only 17% negated. The next and last question was also answered quite clearly: 76% were of the opinion that salary negotiations are unfortunately not fair yet, 24% think more positively and think that it is getting fairer and fairer.

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Sunday Survey about salary negotiations