Sunday Survey About Humanoid Robots

We are very excited to show you the results of our last Sunday Survey. This time our topic was: humanoid robots. We wanted first of all to know how what you think about humanoid (human looking) robots. We then asked you how you felt about the fact that the robot Sophia received the Arab citizenship and that in Japan there is a hotel in which exclusively humanoid robots work.

The results show: When asked what you think of humanoid robots, opinions were divided: 46% think it’s terrible that it exists, 54% have understanding for it. On the question to Sophia’s citizenship the majority (64%) stated that for them it’s incomprehensible, 36% see it as the next step towards the future. The opinions on the robot hotel in Japan were also divided: 56% like the idea and would spend a night there, while 44% find the idea creepy.

Humanoid Robots