Sunday Survey about “Home-office”

Let’s have a talk about our survey last Sunday! It was about: Home-office.

First we wanted to know whether you work in the office or from home. Our next question was, if you are running a home office, whether it is difficult for you to separate your private and professional life. Finally, we asked you if you thought it would be good to work from home in the long term.

The results were as follows: 69% of respondents said they work in the office, 31% work from home. For those who work in the home office, over the half (52%) have confirmed that it is difficult for them to separate their private and professional lives. For 48% this is not the case.

On the last question, whether it is good to work from home in the long run, opinions differ: 51% think it is good, 49% think it is not positive in the long run.

Sunday Survey about “Home-office”