Sunday Survey about “Health benefits at work”

Let’s have a talk about our survey last Sunday! It was about: Health benefits at work. First of all we wanted to know if there are any health benefits at your workplace like fitness classes, fruits for free and so on. Further we wanted to find out from you whether you use these kind of offers. Finally we asked you if health benefits at work would be a reason for you to change company.

The results were as follows: 68% confirm that there are health benefits at their workplace. For 32% this is not the case.

For those who answered yes, 57% said that they naturally took advantage of these offers. But a large number (43%) say on the contrary that they use such offers only very rarely.

In the last question as to whether such health benefits are a reason to change companies, 56% answered yes and 44% no to this question.

Sunday Survey about “Health benefits at work”