Sunday Survey about Access to justice

Last Sunday we asked you again for your opinion at our Sunday Survey. The topic this time was: Access to justice. What we were very interested in at first was how accessible the justice system is to you and how often you interact with it. Also we wanted to know how much you trust your justice system. Our last question had a look into the future – it was: Could AI impact the justice system in the future?

The results show: Just over half of the respondents (52%) find it difficult to access to justice, 48% think it’s well accessible. The majority (87%), however, rarely interacts with it. Only 13% stated they are committed and often interact. As for the question how much you trust your justice system 79% answered in the affirmative, 21% said they have no confidence. The interviewees were quite unanimous on the question of whether AI will influence the justice system in the future. In fact, 76% believe that there will definitely be an influence, 24% find it difficult to imagine.

Sunday Survey about: Access to justice