Shifting Perspectives: Compare Yourself

“She has more money than me. He has more followers than me. She’s prettier. He has a better career. She’s travelling more.” Sounds familiar? We all have those thoughts. It’s time to shift our perspective

It’s no news that we compare each other to other people – some more than the others, but it’s pretty much impossible to not compare ourselves. Comparison is an integral aspect of human social life and it’s impossible to avoid.

How to fight it then? Well – don’t. Embrace it! Yes, you read that right. It’s time to turn jealousy into inspiration and envy into empowerment. Use comparison as a tool for self-improvement.

We can’t stop and won’t stop comparing. So, why not shifting our perspective?

Healthy Approach

First of all – most of the images you see online are simply just not real. They are carefully crafted pictures showing a perfect, edited life. You have to remember, that even if those images show someone’s life, they are the very best moments of that life. Everyone has times of weakness, even the most successful people in the universe. The healthy approach would be to distant yourself from those images and not let fiction dictate your reality.

Turn Jealousy into Motivation

You’re feeling hint of jealousy? Good news! It just means that you know what you want to have or to achieve. Turn that jealousy into (realistic) goal and work towards it.

Treat it as reassurance that anything is possible. Someone else achieved ‘it’ – why can’t you? Of course, easier said than done. There will be obstacles and struggle on your way but, as they say, no pain no gain. Use this unnerving feeling to get empowered, let others’ successes inspire you. Let it be your fuel to work even harder towards your goals. 

We Need Role Models

Example scenario: Let’s say you follow a woman on Instagram and you envy whatever she has or her appearance and you compare yourself with her. Don’t let negativity blind you. First of all, it’s 2020 and we’re leaving jealousy behind – women support other women! We need to empower each other, be happy for each other. She achieved a lot? That’s amazing! Give her picture a like and work hard towards your own success. Let her be your role model and inspiration of what you can achieve. Comparing can really work to your benefit, but only if you let it.

Comparing = Research

Instead of avoiding successful accounts on social media, or unfollowing people who you think achieved more than you and you can’t stand it – use them for research of what you want to achieve. Use their success to be your motivation. Of course, don’t force the change, remain yourself and don’t loose who you are in the process. However, instead of being stuck in the mind-set of “I’m never going to have that”, turn your thoughts into something more like: “I want to have or achieve this”.

Comparison can help you find your goals, explore your interests and discover your aims. It can be your research that can lead to “aha” moments. It can also help you identify what are the differences between you and the person who achieved your desired goal and therefore you know what you can improve, what work needs to be done. This can really help with your career and self-development.

To conclude – instead of bringing each other down, it’s time to lift each other up. Compare, learn, join forces, inspire and support others.

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