Book of the week: ‘The Two Lives of Lydia Bird’ by Josie Silver

Book of the week: 'The Two Lives of Lydia Bird' by Josie Silver

About the book: Lydia and Freddie are a perfect couple. Soon to be married, nothing seems to be able to burst their love bubble. Until it does. On Lydia’s 28th birthday Freddie dies. Her whole world turns upside down, as she’s trying to live without him. But then she realises she doesn’t have to – finding a way of staying connected to her old life with Freddie, she can’t let him go. Gripping, moving and a beautiful novel.

About the author: Josie Silver is an English author. Her first novel ‘One Day in December’ was an international bestseller. ‘The Two Lives of Lydia Bird’ is her second novel.