Book of the week: ‘The Bluest Eyes’ by Toni Morrison

Book of the week: 'The Bluest Eyes' by Toni Morrison

About the book: ‘The Bluest Eyes’ is bold, moving and heart-braking. Eleven-year-old Pecola dreams of blue eyes – so she can be beautiful and desired, just like white, blue-eyed girls. She is aware of her ‘ugliness’ and she prays for a change. HEr life is filled with pain and tragic events. One of the most devastating, but important and unforgettable novels.

About the author: ‘The Bluest Eyes’ is Toni Morrison’s first novel. She is an American author and editor. She won a Nobel Prize in 1993 in literature. In 2001 she was named one of ‘The 30 Most Powerful Women in America’.