Book of the week: ‘Pretending’ by Holly Bourne

Book of the week: 'Pretending' by Holly Bourne

About the book: As heart-breaking as hilarious – Bourne’s novel at first seems like a ‘light’ read, but eventually reveals itself to be incredibly important and serious. The main character struggles with dating life, still facing the demons of her past trauma. Yet the novel is about much more than ‘men’ issues – it’s all about self-acceptance, dealing with unresolved problems, moving on and, ultimately, being yourself. Absolutely beautiful and crucial read.

About the author: Holly Bourne started her career as a journalist and as an editor. She started writing young adult fiction novels after volunteering for a youth charity where she was helping young people with mental health. She created a lot of YA fiction and then wrote ‘How Do You Like Me Now’, which is her first adult novel.