Top 10 Feminist Podcasts

Podcasts have been a big hit in recent years and we love them – especially the feminist ones. Fighting patriarchy can be exhausting, but not when combined with entertainment! Tune in to radio feminism – we present you the best of the best 

Top 10 Feminist Podcasts

1. Guilty Feminist:  

We’re starting the list with the big one – everyone and their mother have been raving about the Guilty Feminist podcast. And there’s a good reason for it – it’s just really that brilliant.  The podcast touches up on literally everything and there are no taboo topics. It focuses on 21st century feminism and explores the issues, the drama, the empowerment and all things feminists. It’s hosted by the comedian Deborah Frances-White, who is not only pleasant to listen to, but is also also an excellent host and chooses her guests perfectly. If you haven’t heard about it yet – do yourself a favour and subscribe to it NOW. You are welcome!

2. Call Your Girlfriend:

First of all, already the name itself deserves an applause. The best way to describe this podcast is that it’s like a warm feminist hug or like a big sister, who’s not only cool but also smart. The three friends who host it are fierce, brave and tell it how it is. They celebrate female friendships, empower others and don’t take any of the fat-shaming bull***. Their topics are diverse yet simple and relatable. ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ will make you angry – at how unfair and still messed up the world is and that there is ton of work to be done, but it also will make you feel better about yourself.

3. She’s All Fat:

The name says it all. Sophia Carter, the creator and host of the podcast, created an unapologetic space for, as she says herself, “all the fatties”. She spotted that there was an increase in fat visibility and she’s decided to take it to next level. Her team and guests are extremely diverse, including LGBTQ community, women, people of colour, all creating the space for their voices to be heard. The podcast oozes with humour, fun and, most importantly, body positivity. Every woman and man who struggle with self-acceptance and insecurities or even someone who wants to spread their horizons must tune in!

4. Women Tech Charge: 

You thought that geek feminists are a niche? Well, you’re probably right. Nevertheless, they awaited a podcast devoted to all things tech, while combining feminist issues and everyday sexism. Even though the leading topic is technology, Women Tech Charge spreads its wings and connects it with fashion, finance and entrepreneurship and women, women, women. It’s inspiring, it’s passionate and it wants you to take charge.

5. Note to Self: 

Another podcast for technology lovers. With a hint of conspiracy theories to it, ‘Note to Self’ explores the struggles and dangers that come in the digital age. Manoush Zomorodi, the host, questions quite literally everything. Every week she delves into topics such as digital privacy, how to stay safe or a creative burnout. She also puts emphasis on how to turn our digital devices into positive tools and make a change for the better world. Nothing not to love about that!

6. Woman’s Hour: 

This one has been around for a while. It started in the UK in the late 40’s, giving women voices from the early days. It’s broadcasted by BBC Radio 4, but it’s also available to listen on Spotify, Apple and all the other traditional podcast platforms. ‘Woman’s Hour’ airs daily and tends to be on the more serious side of things – which can also be a good thing. It’s not a humorous program, but then women oppression and patriarchy are not exactly hilarious. It’s definitely for those, who are curious about feminism, issues surrounding it and eager to learn a thing or two.

7. Feminist Survival Project:

Do you sometimes feel tired and overwhelmed? Or do you feel that you are not good enough or stressing that you are not doing enough? Don’t worry – you are not alone. And no wonder – how are women supposed to feel relaxed when they are faced with unrealistic expectations in the society? Or how are they supposed to love their bodies if anywhere they look there is one type of woman presented in the media as ‘acceptable’? The girls from ‘Feminist Survival Project’ talk all about being an exhausted feminist and everything that still needs to be done in 2020 as well as the nagging feeling of not being enough. They are also authors of the ‘BURNOUT: the secret to unlocking the stress cycle’, which helps women to overcome the struggles and live happily and joyfully in this sexist world.

8. Adult Human Female – A Feminist Podcast:

Speaking of reassuring women and empowerment! ‘Adult Human Female’ does just that – and more. It explores issues of everyday sexism as well as discusses everyday news and events worldwide, exploring what they mean to women and feminism movement. The podcast depicts our current society and political situation globally and challenges that women are facing nowadays.

9. Feminist Book Club: The Podcast:

This one is for all the bookies out there – a podcast and a book club in one. Sounds heavenly? It really is. The podcast not only promotes feminist literature, which let’s be honest, is both cool and very much needed, but also presents feminist authors and writers. Renee M. Powers, who is the host of this magical space, carries conversations with an incredible feminist writing and reading circle. Together, they explore diversity, female visibility in literature and plan your ‘to-read list’ for you. Doesn’t get much better than that.

10. Girl Tales: Feminist Fairytales for a New Generation:

Last, but definitely not least. This one might seem all light and fun, but in reality it’s one of the most important projects in the feminist world. Whether you have children, cousins, nieces, nephews, younger sibling or you just want to have more faith in humanity, this podcast is an essential. Reimagined fairytales, written by incredibly diverse team, show our youth that gender roles are dead. Fairytales included. They present fierce characters, who show young boys and girls, that they can really become anything they want to and not fall into the expectations of the society. The hosts are doing a truly remarkable job.



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