Get Inspired Podcast – Sabine Scheunert

MyCollective presents Get Inspired, a podcast with wonderful guests interviewed by founder Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier. From board members to university professors, Ricarda’s guests offer thoughtful insight for career and personal inspiration. This episode's guest is Sabine Scheunert, VP Digital and IT Sales/Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Cars

Get Inspired Podcast – Sabine Scheunert

Sabine Scheunert, following her own parental leave and career breakthrough, has become a strong advocate for attracting more women to the technology sector and helping them to succeed. The key to this? Role models and a focus on better digital education in Germany. Check out this week's Get Inspired podcast as Sabine and Ricarda discuss the ways we can all work to create better support systems.

*Sabine is not speaking on behalf of Mercedes-Benz in this podcast and all opinions are her own.



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