Get Inspired Podcast – Mariel von Schumann

MyCollective presents Get Inspired, a podcast with wonderful guests interviewed by founder Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier. From board members to university professors, Ricarda’s guests offer thoughtful insight for career and personal inspiration. This episode's guest is Mariel von Schumann, Board Member at Siemens Gamesa and Verti Versicherung AG

Mariel von Schumann for MyCollective

Mariel von Schumann was a full-time executive at Siemens and a working mother when she decided to take on an additional role as a board member – first within Siemens, and then outside the company. And it’s a decision that she would recommend to all of us. Find out why and what other advice she has to share, like how to get those board positions to how and when to take parental leave, in this week’s podcast.



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