Get Inspired Podcast — Andrea Fernandez

MyCollective presents Get Inspired, a podcast with wonderful guests interviewed by founder Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier. From board members to university professors, Ricarda’s guests offer thoughtful insight for career and personal inspiration. This week's guest is Andrea Fernandez, a Harvard Business School graduate, investing guru, and co-founder of Vitamin

Andrea Fernandez for MyCollective

Andrea Fernandez is a Harvard Business School graduate who has managed finances at JC Morgan and Allianz Global Investors. During her parental leave she set up Vitamin, an app that helps women sort out their finances and start investing themselves. It turns out that women lag far behind men when it comes to actually investing their savings, with only 13% of German women owning any stock at all. In her talk with Dr. Ricarda Engelmeier, Andrea calls on all women to start investing - no matter how small their capital.



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