CURAZED BY Matthias Malessa — Podcast

What is purposeful leadership? Ask Matthias Malessa. Formerly a Chief HR Officer at Adidas, he now lectures and consults with top firms on the topic of Purpose. In our first CURAZED By podcast, he discusses why Purpose is essential at any stage of your career… and where you should look for it

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Matthias Malessa on...

… Purpose and VUCA:

We are bombarded with information and fake news, but we have to make sense out of it. That’s why we need a moral compass: in this VUCA world, we have to have a strong understanding of who we are, of what our values and strengths are – and what our purpose is. To make the right decisions in this uncertain environment, for ourselves and the people around us.

… Purpose and action:

Once you find your purpose, then what? I think you have to be with people, you have to go into your life story, you have to mine for your deeper meaning and your purpose. But then the important next step is: what do I do with it? How can I be more impactful for myself and those around me?

…. Purpose in times of crisis:

Unfortunately, purpose does require a crisis, if you look at how people learn. When we can celebrate, when we are strong, there is no learning. When we are down, we rethink what went wrong. And if we are lucky, we also accept our own wrongdoings: What was my contribution to what happened? That’s when we learn.

…Purpose in new generations:

I am very positive about younger generations. When I started out it was about status, the size of your office, remuneration. We were still very extrinsically driven in our motivation. These people look for recognition, work-life integration. They don’t look for their own parking lot, they look for mobility. They don’t look for the bigger office, they look for options to work from wherever they are. It’s a much more intrinsically driven approach. They start with the why.

… Profitability versus purpose:

People look differently at the notion of profitability: from homo economicus to homo humanus. With autonomy and purpose becoming more central in people’s lives, our outlook on profitability is changing. Which in turn changes our concept of work.

Matthias Malessa is a true ambassador for leadership and purpose. As the former Chief HR Officer at Adidas, he is proud to have helped build a culture of purpose that he still witnesses in the company. Today, he lectures at Campus M21, as well as acting as Senior Advisor for McKinsey and consulting both independently and with the Authentic Leadership Institute. Last but not least, he is a Certified Coach on Leadership and Development – and CURAZE Mentor.



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