10 Best Business Podcasts

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or you’ve been a businessman or businesswoman for years, we found the crème de la crème of the entrepreneurial side of podcasts. Get new insights, learn what’s important on the entrepreneurial journey, and be ahead of the game!

by Weronika Pukrop | 09 Sep, 2020
10 Best Business Podcasts

1. StartUp

This one is a great place to start – literally. If you are just beginning your journey with starting your own business and are new to the scene, this podcast will provide you with all the necessary information. It discusses the do’s and don’ts with an honest approach and without sugar-coating. It also sets the examples on success and failures of various businesses, providing the listeners with a learning curve.

2. Y Combinator

If you are into the topic of finances and tech, this podcast is definitely of your interest. Discussing not only the business scene, but also getting personal, the Y Combinator talks all about working relationships and the struggles of finding the right co-founders as well as the challenges of being one. The guests vary from ages, experience and origin, which makes the whole listening experience very unique.

3. Masters of Scale

If you are looking for more educational rather than entertaining experience, this podcast is perfect. Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinekdIn, in his episodes discusses successful companies’ growth and tackles the question of how they did it. He tests various theories, searches for answers and gets insights from leaders. It’s a definite must if you want to learn how to run a business right and get to know various points of views. Fascinating!

4. The Ground Up Show

Here is where it gets personal. The Ground Up Show podcast takes a unique approach in helping the listeners to pursue a meaningful life. Unlike the others, its main purpose is not only to teach about business, but also to learn how to deal with stress management, tackling the balance of career and personal life, as well as taking things slow and not lose yourself in the process. Very mindful podcast with tons of useful tips!

5. Recode Decode

Here comes the entertainment! The host, Kara Swisher, takes a more journalistic approach and in her interviews she discusses with her guests, ranging from tech gurus, politicians to celebrities, their big ideas. She challenges their methods and shows the reality of the tech business. And all that with thrilling anecdotes, learnings and raw honesty. The style of the podcast is relaxed and candid, a perfect mix of business and pleasure.

6. Clever

Speaking of mixing things up, apart from the general business topics, there are podcasts that cover more particular areas. Clever is all about design and – more importantly, designers. The hosts talk to a variety of architects, artists and other creatives, combining art with business. They share freelancing advice as well as integral skills for design entrepreneurs. The podcasts focuses on the ‘human’ part of the business, focusing not only on the actual business but the people behind it.

7. Harvard Business Review Idea Cast

We know that everything with ‘Harvard’ in the title sounds really serious and ambitious, but not to worry – the Idea Cast Podcast, which is part of the HBR, tackles entrepreneurial issues in a very approachable way. The topics are actually very human-focus, depicting the subjects varying from gender inequality, boundaries, work culture to cybersecurity, AI and working moms. A perfect balance for all things business!

8. Business Wars

If you love business topics, but aren’t necessarily looking for advice or tips, but rather are on a hunt for entertainment and interesting stories from the entrepreneurial world, look no further! Business Wars podcast is almost like listening to the most engaging crime or reportage stories – with a business twist. The host discusses the most game-changing conflicts between two businesses. There is of course a learning curve, but mostly be prepared for lots of fun, thrill and surprising outcomes.

9. Women Entrepreneurs Extraordinaire

Of course, we couldn’t omit a podcast that focuses on…women! Presenting the female side of the business world, the program tackles gender issues in a workplace, advantages and disadvantages of being a female entrepreneur and how to be successful in a male-dominated environment. The listeners get to meet fantastic role-models of the industry, business tips for women and inspiration to be a part of the change.

10. Brown Ambition

While we’re in the topic of female entrepreneurs, we have to mention the Brown Ambition duo! The two superstar financial reporters cover all things finance: Setting your own budget, achieving financial freedom, taking charge at work and much more. They give advice on personal investments, business strategies and what to put money on. Additionally, they tackle the issues of racism and minorities in the financial world, which is a very much needed discussion in this area. What is also great about the podcast, that after each episode listeners can find ‘further reading’ section to delve into the discussed topic deeper.



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