Top 10 of F10: The Best of 2019

Hello FemaleOneZero family!

The end of the 2019 is approaching fast and what a year has it been! Filled with work, joy, amazing people and fantastic community. We hit significant milestones, the most important being our first birthday! 2019 was definitely eventful, there were some ups and some downs, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! The thing we are most proud of from 2019 are, of course, our articles! Here is a little round up of the best of the best:

‘Meet the Female Astronaut Candidates’

First things first, this year we talked about the impressive female astronaut candidates! We presented 10 amazing and inspiring women, who are conquering the space. Those ladies are literally out of this world!

‘The Day I Quit My Job’

Speaking of inspiring women – how about a woman, who had the courage to take the risk and quit her long-term job in clinic. After years of putting up with the environment she wasn’t comfortable in as a cardiologist, she put her needs first and pursued a career and built a company where she puts cardiology and AI together without sacrificing herself.

‘The Day That Changed My Life’

Impossible is nothing! Even to get the career of your dreams…while 6 months pregnant. Cindy Scharlock told us about how she quit her job, found out she was pregnant and got an offer for her perfect career at ServiceNow. We also talked to her boss Marcus Kruizinga why he made this unusual decision. Hopefully such stories soon won’t sound like a fairy-tale, but will become ordinary reality.

‘Talking About Cultural Diversity in Germany: A Closer Look’

Big topic of 2019: Diversity. We delved deeper to see how open-minded Germany really is, how it compares to other countries and what needs to change. We talked about cultural diversity with PhD student, Aylin Karabulut and discussed the opportunities of immigration in a global world.

‘Back in Germany’

For all those, who are saying that gender gap is not a thing anymore, we have bad news – it is and it’s doing well. Two German ex-expats told us eye-opening facts about gender diversity and shared their comparisons of American and German situation on the topic.

‘The Most Inspirational Turkish Women Entrepreneurs’

In 2019, for International Women’s Day, we have decided to celebrate amazing ladies from Turkey. The journalist Ayla Albaryak, introduced us to six amazing and inspiring Turkish entrepreneurs, who are making the change happen in Turkey.

‘It’s not you, it’s Impostor Syndrome’

This year, we also explored the feeling like a fraud, self-doubt and perceiving yourself as a failure. Impostor Syndrome is a crucial topic that should not be omitted. The phenomenon affects the vast majority of people (our Twitter poll showed 92% suffer from it) especially women; definitely an important article for those, who need to believe in themselves!

‘Career Tips for Newcomers to Digital Industries’

Interested in or just starting in the digital industry? The head of service management international at T-Systems, Selma Avdagic Tisljar, shared her top 5 career tips for all the newcomers to the digital world. Our favourite: “Learning is underestimated; knowledge is overestimated”.

‘The Truth About My Job: Diana Brandl’

There are certain assumptions about being an assistant: That they “serve” their bosses, pour coffee and are being dictated what to do. Diana Brandl, the former senior executive assistant to top management breaks the stigma of the job and what comes with it.

‘A And I – Karen Palmer: The Future Storyteller’

The RIOT is an emotionally responsive film that watches you as you watch it and it creates a virtual reality as the viewer interacts with the film. Sounds impossible? Better believe it! Karen Palmer, the London-based filmmaker, told our columnist Asumpta Lattus, about the AI in film and the future of storytelling.

And that’s it for our annual wrap up! We are very happy and proud of 2019 and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings us. Thank you for your support!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from FemaleOneZero team!

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