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Three Questions to Reena Sethy

Reena Sethy is the Director of Product Management, Mobile Analytics at SAP. She enjoys being able to use her expertise in big data and technology to help customers daily. Find out what innovations and products Reena finds most exciting for the future

by Rachel Johnson | 27 Jan, 2022

1. What do you like about your job?

As a product manager, being able to solve real customer problems using technology is something that I really like about my job day in and day out. Working with customers, hearing their pain points, and trying to see how the products and technology can really address their concerns is something that I like about my job.

2. Which innovations and tech trends do you find particularly exciting?

It's not entirely out of big data, but it is artificial intelligence. I find it interesting that it is called artificial intelligence, but then by using AI, human beings are becoming more intelligent as a result. It is not just helping individuals to become smarter but helping every organization to be more effective and knowledgeable. I find the innovations around artificial intelligence to be quite exciting. The usage of AI in the coming years is going to increase significantly; The kind of use cases that we are already seeing is just amazing.

3. What idea, product, or thought leader has excited or inspired you lately?

At SAP we have a program called Chasing Zero, with which we are chasing a world of zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality. Our aim is to power the technology and innovation that is required to make this a reality, until we reach these goals. I find the name “Chasing Zero” inspiring when it comes to using technology for the sustainable world and in terms of being a leader.

Lately, I've also been following Adam Grant, a thought leader, and I really liked his book on ‘Atomic Habits’, where he argues that with small changes, we can build better habits and make change happen. I find that very inspiring, and I try to follow his thought process a bit.



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