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Three Questions to Anusha R.I.

Anusha R.I. is the Lead Architect in the area of Asset and Service Management at SAP and an expert in all things IoT. As someone who enjoys the everyday challenges of her work, we asked her three questions to learn what drives and inspires her

by Rachel Johnson | 28 Feb, 2022

1. What do you like about your job?

It’s funny to say, but what I love are the never-ending challenges. They are something that keep me upright. I never face the same obstacle, and every new one is very, very interesting. As a people person I always enjoy working with a team to solve problems; The different insights, the viewpoints, the ideas that people get. Whether it's somebody who's a fresh graduate or someone who has ten plus years of experience, they have different thoughts and approaches to problems. That really keeps me inspired, and there's always a lot to learn from everybody I work with.

2. Which innovations and tech trends do you find particularly exciting?

As somebody who misplaces a lot of things like my glasses, my watch, my phone, etc. – I am always misplacing things – I recently read about an innovation that helps you find these objects. It's not a new concept either; It's based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Basically, you can take small stickers which are RFID enabled and put them behind your objects. If you misplace an object, you can easily identify the object using the RFID tags. It's a very simple innovation, but extremely useful, and, best of all, it's not even expensive.

3. What idea, product, or thought leader has excited or inspired you?

Like many people, I've always been a big fan of Steve Jobs. He's one person who I've always seen as a thought leader, because of how he has changed the way that we work with objects; He wanted to make it easier for the user. The iPhone is so simple of a design that anybody, even my daughter when she was just 6 months old, could easily identify and use it. Steve Jobs changed the way in which usability works. He didn't want to make complex things, but simple, usable devices.



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