Startup Diaries (Part 2)

QUILT, the Airbnb of Coworking for Women in Homes, Los Angeles

F10 accompanies startups on their journey, documenting their progress on regular intervals. Here’s the follow-up story of Quilt, with its recent developments as told by Gianna Wurzl

What’s happened at Quilt since the last time we spoke?

So much has happened! We launched a new brand for Quilt that everyone is absolutely loving. We hired two new people, a marketing director and a community lead. We launched our City Organizer Program in LA and NYC. We created a new host portal that gives all of our hosts tools & resources to have a successful gathering. It’s been an awesome quarter!

How fast is your community growing now? 

We are growing fairly quickly but are more concerned with quality than quantity. Due to the fact that our primary offering right now takes place offline in real life, it takes time. We are launching our mobile app in the next few months, which will give our members more opportunities to connect on and offline.

What’s the best thing that’s happened at Quilt recently?

We have hosted a few awesome Ask & Tell gatherings with other female founders. It’s so fulfilling to hear other founders share their stories in a real and vulnerable way.

Did you encounter any new issues? If yes, how did you solve them? 

We encounter challenges every day. One recent challenge has been clearly communicating with investors. My co-founder and I approach it calmly and unified to get to a place of shared understanding. Everyone just wants to be heard.

What’s the next target of the Quilt community?

Launching our IOS app by the end of May is our next big target to achieve. There will be some very cool pieces of functionality that will really support our commitment to being a community first.


Curious how Quilt started? Here’s the link in case you missed out on the first part: Quilt Startup Diaries –Part 1 

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