Starting ‘Germany’s Next Role Model’

Mali Baum, the Founder and the CEO of WLounge, introduces her new project: 'Germany’s Next Role Model’, #GNRM20. From April 13th on the new online-platform will bring together local and global communities and host live shows and session from international experts and speakers

You’re starting a new online format: ‘Germany’s Next Role Model’ #GNRM20. How did the idea come across?

I truly believe that in the time of crisis, new leaders are on the rise. WLOUNGE is a leading ecosystem network, which enables to keep the communication, knowledge, and opportunities flowing, even when EVERYONE is staying at home and work remotely. Many CEOs say, that remote work is actually bringing more efficiency to the team and to the company. In WLOUNGE, we are strongly involved and engaged with our ecosystem and we always bring local and global people to communicate, invest, solve problems and gather forces. This is the perfect time to bring the community together! Now it’s the moment to reshape and re-invent a new format due to the shift that happened because of Corona Virus. The need for it and the potential were always present, however, never a priority. Now we see the need from our partners, community and allies, public and business sectors and the startups (also from female-founders) that all want to share messages, exchange knowledge and similar issues. I have always said that we are far away yet very close – Tel Aviv is very similar to Berlin, however, much more advanced. Same for New York, which is ahead of Tel Aviv and so on. There’s so much that we can learn from one another! It’s about time, for German market to flourish and lead – but for this we need to be open-minded, share, support and collaborate with other ecosystems! This is the #GNRM20 concept. Local and global leaders are gathering for our new Kaltura live video format. To help professionals and provide mentorship and knowledge. This is what a healthy ecosystem and community are meant to be from my perspective. And this is what WLOUNGE was aiming for.

More info : https://www.wlounge.de/gnrm20

What is the exact plan? Could you please elaborate a little?

Everyday during corona virus time (no weekends) 5.30-6.30pm CET Berlin local time we will host a live show and open session from leaders! All WLOUNGE global network is invited and we partnered up with a fantastic tech tool, Kaltura, to make an even better experience for our community. These are the highlights of what you can expect. Everyone can join!The format is flexible as are the needs of the community and network. We will collect a leader’s league, bankers, politicians, VCs, M&A, Yoga instructors, coaches. Experts from Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg. We will discuss access to capital, also from European commission, IBB and NYC investors. We will also talk to Israeli community leaders, impact investors, accelerators, corporates. With people from China, Beijing we will discuss how they managed to come back to (almost) normal life and discover what we can learn from it. And you will experience surprising formats: Can you imagine investors, who not only bring tips but also cooking advice? There will be a lot of creative tasks involved for this format of #GNRM20 and we are planning to continue with the project even after the Corona Virus is over and take it to the next step. We already planned ahead!

Who will join the platform as a speaker?

This is the most exciting part – we will have Stefan Frenzke, Christian Herzog from Berlin Partner, who will keep us updated on how the government is supporting Berlin-based startups. We will also have Arne Friedrich, who will to share some healthy tips and will explain how he is making a huge social impact with his new WIN activity. Moreover, there will be leaders from New York City, Tel Aviv, China, Silicon Valley and more! WLOUNGE will share all the big names, professionals, influencers, corporates and more before we start, so all the information will be available on our website and social media.

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