5 Questions for Shana

Shana Lucas is FemaleOneZero’s social media intern and art expert. Born in South Africa, Shana adds to the international flair of the office. Get to know Shana better and see what her experience of living in Germany has been so far

by Rachel Johnson | 01 Dec, 2021

1. Coming from South Africa, how much do you hate the cold on a scale of 0 to 10?

I don’t hate it, but it has been an adjustment. I am excited to spend my first Christmas in Germany, hopefully with snow—I’ve never seen snow before! In South Africa, we usually spend Christmas by the pool.

2. As a foodie, after 6 months in Germany what has become your favorite food?

Bread. I could eat bread all day, every day. However, my favorite baked good has to be the Laugenbrezel. It has just the right amount of salt and is perfect with butter.

3. What was most surprising to you when you first came to Germany?

(laughs) How warm Germany was, because every time I spoke to people about Germany, they made it sound like Germany is always freezing. I was also surprised by the number of bicycles here and that Germans drive on the opposite side of the road; It has been difficult to get used to.

Fun fact: Before coming to Germany, I had never taken a train before! In South Africa most people drive, and public transportation isn’t very safe.

4. What are some cultural differences between your home country and Germany?

The grocery store. In Germany you have to pack your own things and if you don’t pack them fast enough they get thrown at you. It’s a chaotic experience every time I go to the store here. In South Africa, the cashiers scan and pack your groceries for you. Also, I have yet to find peppermint chocolate or peppermint flavored sweets in Germany. I miss my peppermint crisp dessert.

5. Favorite German word?

Krankenwagen. It makes me laugh every time, because it sounds very harsh for a vehicle that is actually coming to save you.



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