Carrying Augmented Reality to Schools

Darya Yegorina grew up in Ukraine. The CEO of Clever Books (based in Dublin) has a mission: to carry augmented reality technologies to schools worldwide. In December, 2018, she was awarded the Digital Female Leader Award (category: Entrepreneur). Here she explains what drives her - in 99 words:

“The difference between ‘extraordinary’ and ‘ordinary’ is ‘extra’. Doing extra every day to change the world into a better place motivates me. My subject is education, which is an extremely important tool that shapes the future of children. Education, promoted by innovative technologies, helps them acquire skills that shape their future. For me, too, new technologies are important. Digitalization increases my business reach. It enables me to reach people who help me change the way children around the world learn. My role model is not one person; it’s the most interesting traits from entrepreneurs who did their best for others. They said ‘Yes’ to opportunities.”

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