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Three Questions to Sangeeta Uke

Sangeeta Uke is an architect and security expert at SAP. An expert on all things cloud computing, Sangeeta loves the opportunities her job gives her to explore this exciting field of technology and make a difference

by Rachel Johnson | 13 Jan, 2022

1. What do you like about your job?

My job provides many opportunities to explore the real-world challenges across multiple dimensions. It allows me to solve them through technology. I think this is very important, because it enables us to make the world a better place. For example, helping during the pandemic situation by providing online services that allow us to stay connected to our near and dear ones. In fact, I'm taking immediate actions, and, being a part of SAP, I am empowered to do all my jobs, make decisions, and explore the diverse domains of technology. It is impacting billions of lives in a positive way, so I feel great about it.

2. Which innovations and tech trends do you find particularly exciting?

It would be tough to call one out at a micro level. Cloud computing itself is a very big innovation. It provides various online services, saves our data securely, derives meaningful sense out of this data to better understand us, and, as a result, helps us and society. Multiple technology trends today are based on cloud computing. For example, edge computing, big data, AI/ML and RPA, and cyber security are some trends that really excite me. Data is increasing day by day. It is very important that information derived out of this data is more relevant in order to help each one of us in our day-to-day activities.

3. What idea, product, or thought leader has excited or inspired you lately?

The list is quite huge, there is not a single corner where technology is not a game-changer. If it can exchange our emotions and help us to understand each other better and to reduce communication gaps, it would be the best thing. Recently, I have seen an app, Talk2Me, that really impressed me a lot. It helps the deaf, dumb, and impaired to express themselves and communicate in a much more efficient way. Based on the latest technology trends, it tries to understand their language and emotions and is able to react on their behalf.



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