#Male Heroes

Why is diversity important to you?

Because it’s 2019. Our planet faces a number of challenges – inequalities, climate change, the rise of populism. Solving these issues requires us to use not just a fraction of, but our world’s full potential. Including people beyond those who are white, straight, and male is the key to our future.

As an elected #malehero, what is your advice for other men?

As someone who has never experienced discrimination of any kind, it is easy to dismiss the validity of inequalities and forms of injustice. As men and boys, we have to ask and learn from those who are subject to sexism and misogyny: women and girls. Our world will be a better place once we start believing those who have to live with discrimination every day. Being a male feminist should be the most natural thing. Every man seeking to make this world a better place should become a feminist and stand up for gender equality whenever needed.

We asked our community about their #maleheroes. Over 70 names came up, and here’s our first selection. Guys, you rock!