#Male Heroes

Why is diversity important to you?

Strong and inspirational women surround me throughout all of my professional and personal life. Especially in the tech ecosystem, people from underrepresented groups experience barriers, prejudice, and challenges most men – such as myself – do not encounter. I see it as my mission to make technology accessible to everyone – no matter which background, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. I hope that by tirelessly and continuously promoting diversity, we achieve a society where we don’t consider it a surprise to see women in leadership positions or self-learners being talented developers.

As an elected #malehero, what is your advice for other men?

As an ally, I want to make room for others. I have been very privileged throughout all my life and saw allyship as a way to use this privilege to support others. That means listening with intent, passing on and giving opportunities, and making sure that everyone in the room is heard and engaged. A first step is understanding personal and cultural bias, how it affects our perception and decision-making, and being more thoughtful in one’s approach.

We asked our community about their #maleheroes. Over 70 names came up, and here’s our first selection. Guys, you rock!