#Male Heroes

Why is diversity important to you?

Diversity is very personal to me because growing up as a son of refugees, I know what diversity without inclusion feels like, how it affects lives, the pain it causes. Not seeing yourself represented, quite literally, makes you feel invisible.

As an elected #malehero, what is your advice for other men?

1. Listen and learn
Women have been trying to educate us for a long time, even if it’s not their responsibility. Follow more women on social media, buy (and read) their books, attend women’s events where men are welcome.

2. Amplify
One way to get women’s voices heard is to stop drowning them out or interrupting them. Share their work, support their efforts loudly, use your privilege.

3. Be a bro
So far we’re only talking symptoms. Holding other men accountable for their words and actions, engaging in conversations about vulnerability, sexuality, and violence might just fundamentally change how we think about masculinity in a healthier way, for all of us.

We asked our community about their #maleheroes. Over 70 names came up, and here’s our first selection. Guys, you rock!