London’s Most Inspiring Female Founders

Necessity is the mother of invention. That was certainly the case for Suzie Walker.

While working as a nutritionist in 2013, treating people with a range of ailments such as weight management, fatigue, fertility, digestive support and stress, she discovered what she refers to as “the wonders of a paleo, stripped back, primal diet and lifestyle,” and how effectively it worked alongside traditional medicine. But while prescribing clients’ meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner proved to be straightforward, snacks were often a challenge. With limited options on the market that she felt able to recommend to her clients, she took matters into her own hands.

“I decided to make energy balls at home, took them to clients, said ‘What do you think of these?’ and they said, ‘We want to buy them off you.’“

Suzie sprang into action: she found a manufacturer, created the recipes, designed the packaging, and launched The Primal Pantry in February 2014. The Primal Pantry is now a well-established brand with an international presence in around 15 countries. All snack bars are vegan and paleo, and contain only high-quality, whole food ingredients and come in a range of different flavours, from acai berry & superseed primal bars to cocoa brownie protein bars.

Suzie clearly possesses a dynamic get-up-and-go attitude, which is perfectly reflected in her advice for other female entrepreneurs: “Get started. Just do it. Learn from it. Every mistake you make is a learning experience.”

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