London’s Most Inspiring Female Founders

Sarah Hesz and Katie Massie-Taylor had each just had their second child when they first met in a playground on a dreary November day. Dealing with feelings of isolation and exhaustion experienced by many new parents, Sarah saw Katie and decided to approach her.

“I went up to Katie and asked her basically to be my friend… which is such a weird thing to do, and very unlike me, but it’s a sign of how desperate I was.”

Flash forward a few months, and Katie and Sarah were beyond grateful to have found each other. “That’s really what inspired us to think about how we could help more moms have friendships like we have.”

And so the idea for Mush, the app that connects parents with children of similar ages in their local area, was born. Lacking prior tech experience, getting the idea moving proved challenging. However, according to Sarah, “something about being a parent gives you this feeling that anything’s possible. If you can bring a human to life, most things are doable.”

Their compelling, relatable story about how they had built their product from a personal, challenging experience proved to be their biggest strength. Some investors identified with them, enabling them to raise the funding needed.

Today, with a friendship count of 1.8 million, Mush has helped parents all over the UK combat common symptoms of loneliness and depression. “It’s definitely a highlight when we hear from moms who use the app and we’ve made a difference in their lives,” Sarah confesses, “even if we’ve just made their day a bit more fun, or given them some helpful advice.”

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