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Lab Top – 7 Questions for Women in Tech: Noa Goldman

Bringing awareness to women in tech: Meet Noa Goldman, the Head of Communications at SAP Labs Israel. Noa studied Social Sciences and Business Management and has over 10 years of experience in this area. She talks about the influence of communications in the technology field and the importance of knowing your audience

Lab Top – 7 Questions for Women in Tech: Noa Goldman

1. What is your concrete job? 

I manage the internal and external communications for the SAP Labs in Israel.

2. Your initial spark to enter this industry ?

I have always been intrigued by technology, innovation and the power of influence through communications. Now I have the privilege of combining all of these in my role at SAP. Being an Israeli, I am lucky to be surrounded by innovation and creativity in our tech startup nation and specifically at our SAP Labs Israel, where tech excellence and innovation run through our veins. Being the ‘comms person’ allows me to promote and engage others into everything I believe in. I love seeing how the power of words can change, grow and affect our people at SAP and those who surround us.

Women in Tech From Around the World! This time we have Noa Goldman from Tel Aviv, Israel!

3. Your most exciting project to date ?

A couple of years back, in January 2018, we marked the 20th anniversary of SAP Labs in Israel. This was a very emotional and unique event, of which I was proud to be one of the main orchestrators. Following months of detailed brainstorming, planning and dreaming by myself and the comms team, we successfully brought together in one exciting evening all Lab Israel employees, hundreds of alumni and even original founders of the startups that had ultimately turned into SAP. Throughout the evening, we recollected the visionary innovation on which the Labs was founded and still leads us today, as well as reviewed our professional milestones and achievements over the years. In a company where collegial relationships extend to lifelong friendships, this was a very moving evening of reminiscing and looking ahead to the next 20 years.

4. Top skills that anyone who wants to work in tech needs ?

I would say the top skills needed are to be an out-of-the-box thinker, have a thirst for understanding and knowing the business aspects, being the best tech expert you can be and, maybe most importantly – being a team player. The combination of these skills would allow the individual to have a thorough view of the company's and market evolving needs, while making sure they grow personally within their teams, support and learn from their colleagues and help to make sure their teams remain #bestrun.

5. What advice would you give to young professionals starting in tech ?

I would advise them to always stay curious, learning as much as possible from every resource, asking and digging as deep as possible in order to get a full understanding of all aspects of their area of responsibility and beyond. Also, from the comms area, I think it's important to ‘know your audience’ – always make sure you know who you're talking to and in what context, make sure you're at eye-level and bring your best self.

6. Your biggest role model ?

My biggest role model is my 3rd grade teacher. She taught me, and all her pupils, to follow through on whatever I take upon myself, even when it’s difficult or discouraging. To tackle new challenges, even if they seem above my capacity at first. She always saw the best in us and helped us grow and develop our abilities.

7. People or media (blogs, podcasts) to follow?

Dan Ariely, ETL (Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders), Lean In



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