5 Women from 5 Continents on Female Empowerment

What do you feel is the current situation of women in your country when it comes to female empowerment?

Working between the UK and Italy I can say that women have achieved a lot as compared to other more negative situations: they can work, they are free to move around at any time, they are represented in the government, they are entrepreneurs. Working in tech I can say that there are still a few issues we should work on, for example, eliminating bias on pay gaps or skills, a lot of women and men think that women are not good enough for tech or to lead companies compared to men and this is a very difficult stereotype to fight for. Things are not changing fast but I’m positive and I see that slowly, we’re getting closer to the goals. You need to be patient and focus on the smaller achievements to hope to reach the bigger picture.

How could ordinary women become change-makers in society?

I think by knowing that they can become who they want, they can work in tech as an analyst or as a software developer with the same ease that takes to become a teacher or a nurse. Believing in ourselves as a person and as a group is powerful and I’m sure that collaborating is the key to achieve a future we can build altogether, men included.

What’s your personal idea when it comes to female empowerment?

I think a lot depends on ourselves and the people we are surrounded by. We should aim to be surrounded by people that are supportive and at the same time who would help us to push further, disclosing our skills and talents. We should choose and always dream big as all our goals and achievements depend on us. We shouldn’t think it’s our fault if something bad happens but should focus on what’s next, believing there are no borders and that we can achieve everything. My personal motto is: Go girls, you can do it, only #keepushing.