Diversity Manager of the Month: Christian Riekel, AXA

Each month we nominate a female or male diversity manager who has impressed us with his or her commitment. Our July pick is Christian Riekel, Chief Diversity Officer at AXA

Why does every modern company need a diversity manager?
Modern companies understand that diversity must be at the forefront of their thinking and actions. Employee diversity enriches every aspect of work: the acquisition of different perspectives, the ability to innovate, and agility. And everyone – the employees, the company as a whole, and finally the customers – benefit. Diversity must be encouraged and challenged. And for this you need people who are responsibly committed to it.

What are the best measures for more diversity?
The best measures to ensure diversity are those that raise awareness of the issue and create a basic understanding. Our goal is to anchor diversity as an operational aspect in the corporate public sphere. Employees and managers should enjoy promoting diversity, which includes a fair share of humor and many good examples. In this way, we can achieve much more together than by issuing guidelines with a raised forefinger and pushing through strict anti-discrimination measures. 

“Employees and managers should enjoy promoting diversity, which includes a fair share of humor and many good examples.”

What would you like to tell the world about your company and its diversity?
Under our diversity motto “Schön bunt” [“Beautifully colorful”] we recently organized the first Germany-wide Diversity Week at AXA. During the week we celebrated our diversity and everything we have already achieved in its name. All teams were asked to reflect on how they benefit from their diversity and the results are now collected in a diversity album. Online seminars on current diversity topics were also on the agenda. The participation exceeded all expectations. In addition, we are currently preparing to participate in the CSD in Cologne. Together, 300 AXA employees will set an example for the good cause. We are proud of that!

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