Alisa Türck on Change as a Chance

Alisa Türck, CEO of Türck GmbH and a member of CURAZE, has made it her mission to help others better position themselves in the digital and sustainable transformation. She shares why digitization and sustainability alongside developing new business models and entering into collaborations are of the utmost importance in bringing about change

Alisa Türck on Change as a Chance

1. What are the most important issues/drivers of business today?

The most important topic for companies is building a company that is fit for the future. This includes topics such as digitization and sustainability. But it also means developing new business models and entering into collaborations. Speed ​​in the implementation of ideas and strategy also play a very important role because cycles for research, implementation, and efficiency optimization have been extremely shortened.

The motto "Change as a Chance" is more relevant than ever. For example, the pandemic and energy crisis show how the associated changes can also have a positive impact on the development of topics such as digitization or renewable energies.

2. ... and what are the biggest challenges?


In addition to the transformation processes and the associated changes in professional life, people are even more overwhelmed and unsettled by issues such as pandemics, war, and inflation. That doesn't make it any easier. Preparing people for change and taking them along the way is by far the greatest challenge for entrepreneurs, managers, and executives; They themselves have to learn to allow for uncertainty, how to enter a new terrain in which they have not yet built up a know-how, and to communicate more openly with their team.

3. Which innovations and tech trends do you find particularly exciting?

Health and Green Tech.

In the area of health and health tech, we are only at the beginning and will still be seeing many innovations. For example, we will be able to detect or prevent illnesses at an early stage based on our breath. Globally connected doctors and cancer boards will increase the treatment success of cancer patients many times over with the help of AI.

In my view, the area of green tech is the most important, as we are absolutely dependent on innovative solutions to secure our life and survival on earth. There are already approaches to filter CO2 from the air, to optimize energy consumption based on data and AI, or to enable the CO2 reduction of companies and products via tools and AI.

4. What idea/product/thought leader has excited/inspired you lately?

The development and realization of our own supplement brand casimir. Because here we finally had the opportunity to incorporate our expertise in digitalisation, health, and sustainability into our own product. We were inspired by Casimir Funk, the discoverer of vitamins. Without him, we would not even know that vitamins and minerals have a positive effect on our health and can positively influence the course of diseases.

5. Why do cultural change and digital transformation go together in your opinion?

Transformation, not only in digitalisation but also in sustainability, requires a high degree of change throughout the company. People's mindset must no longer be focused on implementing the existing more efficiently, but on always finding new and better ideas and trying out innovations. An important part of change management is also the handling of failures and the implementation of a failure culture.

6. In one sentence, what is one topic we shouldn't be discussing in five years?

Sustainability – we are already out of time to discuss it and we must finally get into action mode.

7. What makes companies or leadership successful in the long term?

A clear purpose or the "WHY" that sets you apart from the competition. This goes hand in hand with a new leadership culture that places people and employees more at the center again, because not only the purpose of companies is changing, but also the purpose of people. The current crises have shown this more clearly than ever. People want a secure environment, a reliable partner – both in their private lives and at work.

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