7 Questions for Women in Tech: Priscilla Koukoui

Bringing awareness to women in tech: Meet Priscilla Koukoui from Sydney, the founder of OviSquare, tech consulting and delivery service. Priscilla specialises in XR technologies and digital transformation and has lived and worked in over 10 countries. She shares which skills are needed in the tech industry and her favourite podcasts for inspiration

  1. What is your specific job?

I am the founder of OviSquare. I am an orchestra conductor for people, strategy creator and a master executor. At OviSquare, we create immersive solutions (AR, VR and XR) to business on one hand. On the other, we blend technology and creation to craft multi-sensory stories, with a strong focus on olfactory sense (smell).

  1. Your initial spark to enter this industry?

I both have a passion for cutting edge technologies and a creative mind.

The immersive space is just perfect, as I can explore both sides of my passions and personality. I was hooked at my first VR experience.

  1. Your most exciting project to date?

I am an optimist! My most exciting project will be my next one! I love rewriting fairytales with a modern twist, and present them by using new technologies.

I got inspired by the Little Red Riding Hood to write “Lucy & the Big Bad Wolf”, a walking multi-media installation using AR, tape and olfactory device.

On the corporate side, we blend immersive technologies like VR with AI/ML to solve business problems, mainly in AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry.

Working at the convergence of technologies is very exciting!

  1. Top skills that anyone, who wants to work in Tech need?
  • Passion
  • Willingness to learn
  • The desire to change the world for the best, the future needs people of good will.
  1. What advice would you give to young professionals starting in tech?

No-one starts with perfection. Keep going, keep doing, showing up and perfecting your work.

  1. Your biggest role model?


  1. People or media (blogs, podcasts) to follow?

Radio podcasts:

The Moth (True stories told live)

For French speakers, or Francophiles:

Un podcast a soi (Society)

Generation do it yourself (Entrepreuneurship)

Kiffe ta race (Race, identity and diversity)

Les couilles sur la table (Feminism)


Humans of New York

Andreas Wannerstedt


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