7 Questions for Women in Tech: Lisa Unkelhäußer

Bringing awareness to women in tech: Meet Lisa Unkelhäußer, the Security Channel Leader DACH at IBM. She got to the Tech industry by accident – actually, her mother was involved. Lisa is very passionate about IT and Sales. Today, she highly recommends to follow her example and she shares her achievements and what excites her about the topic

1. What is your specific job?

I am responsible for the Security Business Partner Sales for IBM in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Together with my team I work with large and small partners to set up and implement joint business models around different security technologies to make their end customers a bit more secure with IBM technology.

2. Your initial spark to enter this industry?

Pure coincidence – I wanted to study quickly, without high costs and, ideally, abroad. That’s how I ended up at the dual university in International Business program. After I had applied to all companies that I knew (Daimler, Lufthansa, Bosch, …) my mother gave me a testimonial from a young student, who was doing her bachelor’s degree in cooperation with IBM. I read the international report and was completely enthusiastic, although I had no idea what kind of company IBM is.

3. Your most exciting project to date?

Last year in August taking over a team and thus directing personnel responsibilities was the most exciting thing I have been able to do so far!

4. Top skills that anyone, who wants to work in Tech need?

Curiosity, openness and willingness to learn.

5. What advice would you give to young professionals starting in tech?

Technology has many facets – if I had been told at 17 what I was doing today at 31, I would have laughed out loud. I had all the prejudices in my head that you can have about sales and IT. In the end, I realized that IT is incredibly versatile and the skills that are needed are a perfect match for what I can and like to do! Be open to try out new jobs and build a large network inside and outside your own company to have enough people with whom you can exchange ideas and who always bring you exciting new topics.

6. Your biggest role model?

Lisa Seacat DeLuca (Master Inventor at IBM, mother of two twins, author of children’s books, always willing to listen).

7. People or media (blogs, podcasts) to follow?

People: Way too many – my current favorite podcasts are the OMR podcast or from the Zeit „Alles gesagt?“.

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