5 Questions for Alexa

Meet Alexa He, who joins us from China as a CURAZE working student. She is in her third year of studying International Business at Shenzhen Technology University (STZU) and has a big passion for design and social media. Get to know Alexa and more about her first impressions of Germany

by Rachel Johnson | 07 Mar, 2023
5 Questions for Alexa

1. Item you can't leave home without?

My handkerchief! I suffer from rhinitis, so a portable handkerchief is a big must and, on the plus side, makes me look like an accountable person.

2. Coffee or tea?

Coffee, definitely! Caffeine helps me control my appetite for food, and it's a good pre-workout for weight-lifting.

3. Early bird or night owl?

Hmm, that's a tough question. Maybe I am an early to bed night owl? At home in China, I like to do a lot hiking and walking with my parents and at university I usually write my thesis and like to chat with my friends. But now that I am fresh new in Germany, I hope to explore more night owl activities. Recommendations are welcome!

4. Favorite show/book?

For me it’s definitely musicals, like Hamilton, Chicago, Elisabeth, Mozart, l'opéra rock, Les Misérables, and so on. I have been a musical fan since I was 16, but sadly with three years of lockdown I wasn't able to enjoy any live musicals. Hoping to get something back in my blood in Germany!

I also really enjoy the biography of Simone de Beauvoir, Becoming Beavoir. Coincidentally, the translator of the Chinese version is my lecturer of English Literature.

5. What trend do you hope makes a comeback?

An emphasis on health. Maybe it’s the price of being a night owl, but I've started to learn more techniques to eat healthier. It also seems people are worrying more now about the result our generation's lack of sleep.



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