40 Over 40 – The World's Most Inspiring Women

Fasten your seatbelts – here it is: the first international edition of "40 over 40." Our finalists come from 26 nations and six continents. They are entrepreneurs, managers, artists, researchers, scientists, speakers, activists, and politicians. Experts in IT & tech, finance, sustainability, leadership, psychology, pharmaceuticals, and digital transformation

by Olivia Burney, Petra Harms, Rachel Johnson, Andrea Ketterer, Natascha Zeljko | 01 Mar, 2022

What a journey! A couple of months ago, we started this bold project together with our presenting partner Capgemini Invent. Our high-profile jury has curated a shortlist of finalists from over 100 names. Extraordinary women who have one thing in common: they change the world for the better. They fight for human rights and peace, for diversity and inclusion in all its facets, for climate and species protection and the conservation of the habitats of indigenous communities. They broaden our horizon and touch us with their unique art, their great books, and their music.



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