17 and a Half Questions with Sylvia Scherer

Forget personal branding, transformation coach Sylvia Scherer helps others find personal authenticity, clarity, and courage. She is passionate about helping innovators reach their full potential. LinkedIn, Zoom, and getting out into nature are the tools of her trade

by Natascha Zeljko | 25 Jan, 2022

1.  Something that I love about my job…

Is that I can accompany people for some part of their journey through life, so that when they turn 80, they can say a little louder: "I lived my life the way I wanted to, not the way others expected me to. It was awesome!"

2.  Something that occasionally frustrates me…

That some people underestimate themselves so much. I sometimes think to myself: "If only you could see what I see in you." Sometimes I even say that to a person. I believe that so many people have the ability to make a bigger positive impact in the world, but we all have to see that for ourselves first.

3.  My secret dream job

An actress. Even as a child, I performed on the terrace in front of our neighbors. I'm fascinated that as an actress you are able to live several different lives through the process of character development. And I love that I can move people emotionally through acting. Before Corona hit, I wanted to take part in an amateur play, which was then of course cancelled. In 2022, that's back on the list 🚀

4.  My failsafe strategy to survive a really bad day at the office

Since I work at home, I go on my #DailySevenK through the Olympia Park in Munich every day. In nature, you realize that many things are not as relevant as you once thought they were. And your senses are sharpened for the essential things in life.

5.  The moment I get into a flow at work

By having deep conversations with another person. I find it so exciting to ask each other profound questions, listen, and experience new perspectives.

6.  My biggest success so far

After a major life transformation, I am living my personal values much more strongly. After pretty much every pillar of my life collapsed in 2020, I was able to dig my life dreams out of the rubble of my life. It sounds crazy, but it was the biggest success for myself, and I'm happy about it every day. 😀

7.  My biggest failure

Maybe not the biggest, but one of the first ones that I remember very vividly. I started my own "gang" when I was nine years old with three other kids. It didn’t last for very long though. They said that I was just bossing them around, and they didn't want to go on like that. Of course, I wasn’t aware of this at the time, but two decades later, this experience still has an impact on me.

It gave me a different understanding of leadership very early on. Today, one of my coaching questions to people in leadership positions is: "To what extent would people follow you if you didn't have that title?"

8.  A phrase I can’t stand…  

Personal branding. Some people ask me to work with them on their personal branding. I don't offer that. I offer personal authenticity, personal clarity, and personal courage.

9.  The best reward after a hard week at work… 

Dancing. I love music, and, even at 44, I still like going out with friends and enjoying good music. This is one of the things I have really missed during the pandemic, so, at the moment, we are just dancing at home. My 2022 playlist has already been created, and I'm always looking for recommendations of cool tracks....

10.  Work from home or the office?  

My home is my full-time office. To my coaching clients, I always offer the possibility to have some sessions in nature. Then they can choose if we meet in front of the screen or outside in-person, depending on what suits their personality.

11. The most important quality a colleague or business partner must have 

Self-reflection. For me, this is the basis for any deep exchange or collaboration. I have a very direct personality. This can sometimes have a harsh effect on those around me. So it helps if my counterpart is aware of themselves and does not feel attacked, because, in the end, I have a good heart 😊

12. My creative hack 

Hiking in nature. Living in Munich, I am just one hour away from the mountains. Especially in the summer, I’ll finish work in the afternoon and then drive south to climb a mountain and enjoy the views. That's where ideas flow best for me. This feeling of having an infinite vision in front of you is INCREDIBLE!

13. The first internet page I check in the morning 

LinkedIn. I joined in 2013, and it is kind of like my diary. Every day, I read so much inspiring content from inspirational people. And I hopefully can provide some inspiration for others myself. This tool is an opportunity for people to connect even more and help each other in their development. Let's make something positive out of it!

14. My favorite digital tool 

Zoom and Teams. They make coaching completely flexible. Sessions can take place over long distances or even spontaneously without much planning. With good lighting, I can see the slightest movement in a coachee's facial expression, and I can ask deeper questions about what's behind it. You don't get that close in in-person coaching. Online, however, we need even stronger empathy to sense the energy in the room.

15. Which book or series taught you the most for your life? 

There are so many. I’ll focus on three that had a great impact on me outside of my business life.

  • Momo - The real power lies in quiet listening.
  • The NeverEnding Story - With your imagination you can create a whole new world.
  • Where the Crawdads Sing - The girl embodies so much power, wildness, and freedom, which only really becomes apparent after her death. We all carry these personality traits inside us, and I wish we would embrace them more.

16. A book I would recommend to everyone… 

The Wonderbox by Roman Krznaric. The author looks back at thousands of years of human history and describes what we can learn from it for 12 major aspects of life. These aspects include, among other things, love, work, time, and death.

I have thought a lot about two of his insights for years:

  • There are six kinds of love. How can we expect a single human being to fulfill all these kinds at once.
  • We have banned death from our lives, yet it is so important to recognize that we are going to die. By doing this, we would be able to live life much more.

17. My most famous follower on social media 

I don't care how famous someone is. What's important to me is that people get up every day and, together with others, move this world forward in a positive way. And if someone follows me on social media and draws inspiration from it, I can make my contribution every day.

17 and a half: Something that has always fascinated me... 

Are journeys into space and the "overview effect", which is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts. If only we all had the opportunity to look at our planet from afar, we would know how small the probability is that we are here at all. And what responsibility each of us has to keep it that way.



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