17 and a Half Questions with Katharina Krentz

We ask inspiring people 17 and a half questions. This week we have Katharina Krentz, a Consultant and Speaker for NewWork and Founder of Connecting Humans, supporting companies through digital transformation and cultural change. Katharina’s biggest joy is living the life she designed for herself

by Natascha Zeljko | 01 Feb, 2023
17 and a Half Questions with Katharina Krentz

1.  What excites me about my job…

The opportunity to work on interesting, value-adding projects like #WomenStrengths with new people in newly formed teams and networks, which create added value and thus give meaning. Also, to be able to freely decide the HOW and WHEN with WHOM.

2.  What frustrates me sometimes…

Deadline coordination. And very process-driven corporate people who set meetings at 7:30 in the morning.

3.  My secret dream job

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a tractor driver or a flower picker. Today I would prefer to be a muse. Coming up with ideas and dreams all day long and spreading inspiration sounds wonderful.

4.  My top strategy for surviving a really bad day at the office

Eating, definitely eating. Ordering something tasty or going out and treating myself to something delicious kills any negative energy instantly.

5.  The moment I find I am in the flow

When I have a great idea and implement it and then one thing leads to another, the team pulls together and pushes everything even further along. If I get good feedback, I can stay in the flow for a long time.

6.  Biggest success so far

Living the life I designed for myself and feeling joy, happiness, and abundance.

7.  My greatest defeat

Various failed relationships (marriage and friends). When the relationship no longer fits the people in it and you don’t have the right words to part ways in peace and with appreciation.

8.  Worst buzzword

New Work. It rarely reflects real life experiences and is rarely defined well enough to be implemented and understood.

9.  The best reward after a hard week at work… 

Food. Preferably a great dinner with friends in a nice location.

10.  Home office or in-house?  

85% working from home. As an introvert, I feel most comfortable working in my own environment, without distractions.

11. The most important quality a colleague/business partner can have?

The ability to learn. Always learn (something) new, develop yourself and stay open and curious. For me, this makes for the best business relationships.

12. My creative hack

Looking out of the window with coffee, doing some deep breathing, and listening to music. After that, everything is usually better and easier.

13. The first website I check in the morning


14. My favorite digital tool 

My iPhone.

15. The book or series from which I have learned the most for my (work) life

New Work needs Inner Work by Joana Breidenbach. It's a very practical, easy to understand non-fiction book that gives a very good overview of human-centered forms of organization.

16. Which series, book, or podcast I would generally recommend...


FOMO – Was habe ich heute verpasst? (What did I miss today?): A great overview of the news of the day from the perspective of the younger generation.

Fast & Curious by Lea Sophie Cramer and Verena Pausder: Exciting insights, stories, and personal experiences from the (business) world.

My favorite books:

There Can Only Be One by Carolin Kebekus & Mariella Tripke

Quiet by Susan Cain

17. Most prominent follower on social media? 

I like to follow strong, ambitious people with their own opinions, especially courageous women from diverse backgrounds. My personal highlight is that Frank Thelen follows me, and we had a nice exchange as a result.

17 and a half: What has always... 

... motivated me is when I wasn't trusted with something or when I was afraid of it myself. This is my biggest motivation to learn something new 😊

#FrauenStärken Leadership Edition by Connecting Humans

The #FrauenStärken Leadership Edition aims for women, whether at the beginning of their leadership career or already in the middle of it, to find their own authentic way to lead based on their strengths and values. In doing so, they should not adapt to a predefined role or play a role, but rather find and follow their own path as a leader with self-confidence, power, and self-assurance. Part of the program is to learn and network in small groups in order to exchange ideas directly and to be able to build their own resilient network.

The #FrauenStärken Leadership Edition will take place March 8th through June 14th, 2023. Registration is open until February 15th. More information and the link to register can be found here.



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