17 and a Half Questions With Christina Bösenberg

We ask inspiring people 17 and a half questions. This week we have Christina Bösenberg, who is a pioneer in organizational transformations, agile working and executive development. Christina has spent the past two decades consulting the world’s top professionals and companies and also hosts a podcast ‘Transformation Universe’ 

17 and a Half Questions With Christina Bösenberg

1. What I like about my job

Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them” – a scientifically proven truth. From over 20 years of experience in the transformation of companies and people, there’s one dynamic that inspires me the most: To see the positive impact that the personal development of individuals has on an entire company. When people start to think bigger about how they can (and want to) use their influence for the greater good, companies move to the higher level of innovation or business. This is a radical interdependence, which is extremely underestimated.

2. What sometimes frustrates me

The pace at which changes happen in a global context. Also the fear that some people have of trying something new. As an impatient innovator this often annoys me a lot.

3. My secret alternative job

Wildlife Ranger in Equatorial Africa. If I have a bad day here I think that I would like to in the Serengeti and work for the survival of the species.

4. Best strategy to survive a really bad day at the office

Breathe. And focus on the results I can achieve today. Leave the rest and go for a run in the woods.

5. When are you in the famous flow

When I’m writing and developing ideas for a better future.

6. Biggest success so far

The concept of success and defeat does not fit well into my world of values. Most medals have two sides. Writing a management long-seller while taking care an infant was certainly an exciting balancing act.

7. Biggest defeat

...I have made personal decisions here and there that I would make completely differently today.

8. Worst buzzword

New Work – it’s used inflationary and mostly has little real change of behavior behind it– and this is where New Work should start. It always begins with personal behavior and not with the interior design.

9. Best reward after a hard week at work

Time alone and with my kids.

10. Home office or in-house

Rather co-working space with various colleagues and experts. I find these mutual cross-thinking impulses and the global community there great.

11. Most important traits a colleague/business partner must have

Being open minded.

12. Your creative hack

To dive deep for 40 minutes + into a theme, fully focused and then do something completely different for about 20 minutes. If possible, I go outside as movement is always good. In the home office I also like to feed the rabbits or chase the turtle in the garden.

13. First website to check in the morning

None. No (social) media in the first hour in the morning – rather Meditation and Yoga.

14. Favorite digital tool

Zoom, Slack and Telegram (Groups).

15. In which book or series have you learned the most for your (work) life?

Groundbreakingly recommendable for any kind of transformation is the work of Ken Wilber, Spiral Dynamics (books, webinars). I learn best through personal experience in community. Mindvalley Events and Quests have been accompanying me for years.

16. Which series, book or podcast can you generally recommend?

Apart from the usual podcasts (Steingart's Morning Briefing, for example, is part of the repertoire). "Mal angenommen" – here the Tagesschau presents current trends and ideas for the future.

17.  Most prominent follower on a social channel?

I enjoy lively and interesting interactions on my channels. All those who contribute to the future of Humanity-Plus are my celebrities.

17 and a half: What I have always...

...wanted to do: A beautiful ‘finca’ with my community in Mallorca, with sea view, where we think, talk, chill and work.



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