17 and a Half Questions with Blair Lee

We ask inspiring people 17.5 questions. This week we have Blair Lee, CEO and Founder of Touch Virtual in Shanghai, China. Blair doesn’t believe in defeat, deciding to see every challenge as surmountable. Can you guess what her dream job would be if she wasn’t achieving great things in her current role?

by Natascha Zeljko | 20 Oct, 2021

1. What I like about my job

It is such a great honor and joy to help so many brands and retailers broaden their own businesses with Touch Virtual. Moreover, immersive commerce is an enormous and promising market. This platform we have built could be the first group of immersive commerce to go online. I feel thrilled to be part of it.

2. What sometimes frustrates me

Ever since I started building this business there have been very few things that have frustrated me day-to-day. But when partners who used to work side by side with you suddenly decide to leave, I find it very frustrating. However, it does makes me reflect to see what I could do have done better in the first place.

3. My secret dream job

Building a personalized nutrition startup. As a woman, I have often been told how to lose weight “in days” or appear slimmer “instantly,” which makes me feel terrible. I really want to pave the way to change this body-shaming mindset and build a brand which could help more girls gain back confidence.

4. Best strategy to survive a really bad day at the office

I put everything aside and take in several deep, cleansing breaths. Then I start my next task with a big smile.

4. Best strategy to survive a really bad day at the office

I keep my mind fully focused on what I am going to do next. I have a rule too: I make sure to pick the right task which is neither too easy nor too hard.

6. Biggest success so far

Trusting the opinions and voices of my team. For me, part of being a leader for me is understanding that I don’t know everything and having faith in my team.

7. Biggest defeat

I have always been confident that a huge defeat will never come because there is always a way to deal with challenges. Fake it ‘til you make it.

8. Worst buzzword

“Female CEO”. Men and women can both build their own empires.

9. Best reward after a hard week at work

After a hard week at work, I usually like to watch a movie, which brings me into a totally different state of mind. Alternatively, any activity unrelated to being a CEO.

10. Home office or in-house

Actually, anywhere can be your office. I used to work just on the stairs before.

11. Most important traits a colleague/business partner must have

Since Touch Virtual is a company at the forefront of innovation, we require unique individuals who think outside of the box to help shape the future.

We want diversity when it comes to thoughts.

12. My creative hack

Find the time to explore what is new outside of work, either by talking to friends or browsing online.

13. First website to check in the morning

The first “website” I check is WeChat, where I can find out if there are any urgent issues and I can find out what the trendy topics are.

14. Favorite digital tool

AR apps. Some of the applications (like AR navigator) have saved my life with their guidance.

15. The book or series from which I have learned the most for my (work) life

Amazon Unbound by Brad Stone. It is a masterful and valuable book in explaining how the company makes money, and the day-to-day decisions that end up having a big effect on consumers.

16. A series, book or podcast I can recommend to anyone

Technology blog The Verge. It covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture. Decoder is a new show on The Verge about big ideas — and other problems. They talk to innovators at the frontiers of business and technology to reveal how they’re navigating an ever-changing landscape.

17. Most prominent follower on a social media channel?

I’m a big fan of Bilibili (哔哩哔哩 in Chinese, also known as B Site).It is a Chinese video sharing website centered around animation, comics, and games, where users can submit, view and comment on videos.

17 and a half. What is...

…my motto. Keep thinking about what the essence of the business is and keep searching for the heart and soul of my team.



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