Female Cofounder as CTO / Software Engineer for Mental Health Innovation Award- Winning Startup

Das Projekt

Name: mAIndcraft
Branche: PsychTech / Healthcare/ AI
Standort: Berlin
Phase: We are an early- stage startup with an MVP, a growing community of therapists and patients, 2 health innovation awards, a supporting healthcare ecosystem good press (Spiegel, Focus, NDR, WDR etc.) as well as a completed application for pre-seed funding (2000€ /Month / founder).

With the mission to build next generation mental health care and make it accessible, effective and humane, mAIndcraft transforms the way we diagnose, treat and help people with mental health challenges overcome obstacles. We combine artificial intelligence and psychological markers with telemedicine to help therapists streamline resources and patients to gain insights and control over their mental state.

Das Team

Name(n): Dipl. Psych. Eva Gjoni, Dr. Ing. Julia Hoxha
Über uns: With our backgrounds in psychotherapy and medical informatics we combine therapeutical and scientific experience with technology to enable effective, efficient and personalized mental health care. We conceptualized mAIndcraft to solve most eminent barriers to treatment by disrupting a system oriented care and building a patient centric solution.
Unser Stil: Our motivation boosters: entrepreneurial and innovation spirit, cooperation, mutual support, fun and curiosity.
Unsere Werte: Verlässlichkeit, Expertentum, Empathie, Verbindlichkeit

Wir suchen

Position: Mitgründerin
Als: CTO
Zeitaufwand: Vollzeit

Aufgaben und Bereiche:

As the hands- on tech person you will be responsible the further development of the solution. Starting by January 2021 a founder’s salary of 2000€/month for the period of 6 months is planed. You will be part of the founders team and support the application process for the founder salary and further sustainable fundraising activities.

Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen:

Specific or generic know- how with proofed ability to work independently and proficiency in one or parallel fields within the following spectrum:

  • Software engineering
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Machine Learning
  • Conversational AI
Was wir bieten: Anteile, Stipendium, Gehalt, Netzwerk

Cofounding an impact- driven company sounds interesting but you still have questions? Great, get in touch and let us discuss details.

Convinced that this is the right step for you? Awesome, drop us some lines pointing out you motivation, your experience and your current career situation including the available time you can bring in and your CV.

Please do so asap until 6.11.2020 to take part in the pre-seed salary scheme.

Missed the deadline? No worries, let us still discuss options whenever you read this.


Ansprechpartnerin: Eva Gjoni
E-Mail: info@maindcraft.com
Telefon: 493085765345