Female Co-Founder Wanted to Build a European Ayurveda lifestyle brand

Das Projekt

Name: Asmi Ayurveda
Branche: Ayurveda, Lifestyle, Kosmetik,
Standort: Bielefeld, Deutschland
Phase: Wir sind seit März live und haben mehr als 14.000€ Umsatz. Jetzt wollen wir Produktportfolio erweitern und international expandieren

With Asmi, we would like to create a European Ayurveda brand that is sustainable, socially responsible and aspirational in design. Authentic Ayurvedic formulations packed in a clean minimalist design are made in Europe to create a brand that is rooted in tradition and to create a better tomorrow. We start with organic teas, but are launching accessories and personal care products in the coming weeks and months.

Das Team

Name(n): Murali Nair (Founder, Ayurveda evangelist), Nina (Textile products, Sales), Natascha (Graphic design, website)
Über uns: We are all in the region Bielefeld and connected to Bertelsmann somehow! We want to create a sustainable future, but in style!
Unser Stil: We are building an aircraft while flying - so lots of experimenting and adapting! There is no perfect solution and believe in getting things going and learning on the way than making the perfect plan!
Unsere Werte: Verlässlichkeit, Sparring, Ehrlichkeit, Sustainable Heart!

Wir suchen

Position: Mitgründerin, Mentorin, Investorin
Zeitaufwand: Vollzeit

Aufgaben und Bereiche:

Head of marketing and sales

Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen:

Experience in Consumer goods marketing

Was wir bieten: Anteile, Gehalt

This is the right time to join Asmi – the product market fit is there, but I still have the freedom to share the stock before investors come in (in the coming months). So join us for a fantastic journey to make the world a better place!


Ansprechpartnerin: Murali Nair
E-Mail: murali@asmi.store
Telefon: 4917663812682