Female Co-Founder wanted: CMO for Sustainable Fashion Startup

Das Projekt

Name: So.Me
Branche: Fashion
Standort: Berlin
Phase: We are at the stage of finalising the prototypes, growing our followers base on Instagram and collecting pre-launch subscriptions on our landing page. In parallel, we're working on the pre-seed funding round.

So.Me is a DTC brand that combines sustainability, comfort, fit and aesthetics, offering various underwear models.

Das Team

Name(n): Olena Sychenko
Über uns: Lena Sychenko is a young entrepreneur based in Berlin. During her career in a tech startup in Berlin, Lena covered 3 areas of responsibility: business development, sales and marketing. Together with her business degree in international sales management and a hands-on experience of working in a fast-paced environment, she aims to create a sustainable unicorn in a fashion industry.
Unsere Werte: Verlässlichkeit, datengetriebenes Entscheiden, Expertentum, Ehrlichkeit

Wir suchen

Position: Mitgründerin, Mentorin, Investorin
Als: CMO
Zeitaufwand: Teilzeit

Aufgaben und Bereiche:

E-commerce marketing (e.g. performance marketing etc.)

Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen:

E-commerce marketing (e.g. performance marketing etc.)

Was wir bieten: Anteile, Netzwerk

Will be happy to discuss the project and possible collaboration in person.


Ansprechpartnerin: Lena
E-Mail: sychenkoelena@gmail.com
Telefon: 004915736177939