Female Co-Founder wanted: CMO for Fintech-Startup

Das Projekt

Name: PaceUP Invest®
Branche: Fintech
Standort: Mannheim
Phase: We have started working on the platform, have a CTO and advisory board. We have secured some funding grant from the government.

PaceUP Invest® empowers all women financially and help with wealth building irrespective of their income towards attaining a responsible and sustainable future for themselves and their generations.

We provide education, coaching, advisory and investment strategies via hybrid method. We deeply understand women’s differentiated needs, preferences, and behaviours when it comes to managing their finances.

The 3 pillars of PaceUP Invest are digitalisation (easy access to personalised investment platform wherever the women are), empowerment (making women’s lives better to close gender gaps), and diversity (giving same access to women no matter where they came from or their backgrounds). We are addressing gender equality and racial justice.

Das Team

Name(n): Rukayyat Kolawole
Über uns: No co-founders yet
Unser Stil: W value innovation and very agile in our thinking. We value trust and contrsictive criticism is welcome to help grow the business to the largest scale possible. We are fast and quick to move and want to have the best customer/client service.
Unsere Werte: Expertentum, Konfliktbereitschaft, Loyalität, Erfolg

Wir suchen

Position: Mitgründerin, Mentorin, Investorin
Als: CMO
Zeitaufwand: Vollzeit

Aufgaben und Bereiche:

Marketing and business development.

Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen:

An intuitive grasp on effective communication and the complementarity of people.

A keen grounding quantitative analytical method, knowledge in engendering growth, and understanding of ROI Diversity in skill


Put the customers first

Thrive on collaboration

Have a successful track record in leading marketing strategies to success.

Was wir bieten: Anteile, Netzwerk

My preference is a woman that shares similar mission, vision and values. She must be success orientated and think big outside of Germany


Ansprechpartnerin: Rukayyat Kolawole, CFA.EMBA
E-Mail: rukayyat.kolawole@paceupinvest.com
Telefon: 447903886429