Female Co-Founder wanted for HR Tech SaaS Start-up

Sharing Tribe is specialized in matching workforce with complementary hard and soft skills in the IT industry

Position: Co-founder

Name of the foundation project: Sharing Tribe

Founding team: Maja Schreiner

Branch: HR Tech

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

About the founding project: Sharing Tribe is on a mission to revolutionize the recruitment industry and make the tech industry more collaborative, diverse, flexible, and people-focused.

Phase of the founding project: Sharing Tribe has conducted many customer interviews, grown the talent community to more than 400 people, sharpened the business model, and is now looking for more help in raising our pre-seed money.

About the founding team: Maja is a graduate engineer for information systems and technologies and a software developer who has become an agile coach and product manager with almost 20 years of relevant IT experience. Coming originally from Serbia, where there are far more women in tech than in Switzerland, she was always puzzled and interested to understand the reasons for the still traditional Swiss working culture. In her free time and alongside her main job, Maja has initiated and led women in tech communities, and gained experience and insights around different challenges on both employer and employee sides. Maintaining a work-life balance while raising children and having a successful and sustainable career was always her ultimate goal, and it was this that helped her see the gap in the market for a more innovative working system. When the Covid-19 crisis started, she decided the time was now and she invested her know-how, energy, motivation, and time into building a flexible working community platform for both companies and candidates, using an algorithm to create the best possible matches.

About the work style: In our work, we value reliability and innovative thinking. We work fast and are ok with tasks being implemented 80% of the time. The main thing is to get it done rather than to have a perfect plan worked out.

Values: Reliability, sparring, empathy, liability

About the Position

Position: Co-founder, Investor


Time commitment: Part-time

Tasks and areas: Product, Sales, Business Development, Operations

Skills and experience: Ideally, you have been an entrepreneur or intrapreneur in the past. OR, you really want to be one!

What we offer: Shares, network

Personal Message: Have you ever felt the pain of job seekers and applicants who lack a trustworthy place to find the ideal job that offers them the flexibility to maintain their work-life balance while still leveraging their skills in the technology industry? Many other people I know and I have felt it. Built on my hands-on job-sharing experience, IT and product development knowledge, and passion for making a social impact, Sharing Tribe was born. It is a community-driven marketplace that enables companies to find the best flexible and diverse candidates in the shortest amount of time. Companies thrive and significantly improve their diversity goals, while candidates grow their careers to the highest level. Job-sharing also proves to increase productivity as each partner makes sure to do his or her share and it also enhances outcomes because of collaboration and the exchange of ideas between partners. We focus on achieving a good Employer-to-Employee match and connecting two part-time talents with a company and a job to ideally fulfill the role requirements of a full-time job. You can imagine that I have already achieved and learned so much on this journey.

That said, I don't want to tackle the next steps (raising funds, gaining and serving more customers, shaping the product-market-fit, further developing the platform, etc.) without another passionate, fun, and resilient entrepreneur with complementary skills. Are YOU the co-founder who can help me fulfill the mission to revolutionize the recruitment industry and make the tech industry more collaborative, diverse, flexible, and people-focused? Do you have experience listening to users and making them happy? Have you ever longed to be fulfilled with your accomplishments at the end of your working day? Are your happiness and satisfaction equally important to you as "just" making money? Have you ever wanted to go out of your comfort zone and apply your skills and knowledge in a relevant career through dual leadership? Are you looking for freedom and encouragement to pursue your own ideas, together with a motivated team? If most of these answers are YES, feel free to drop me a line so we can set up a coffee chat online or in Zurich. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Maja Schreiner | contact@sharingtribe.tech | +41793842261






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