We’re Stopping the Crowdfunding Campaign

Dear Community and Supporters,

It’s with a heavy heart that we’ve decided to stop the crowdfunding campaign for the further development and internationalization of FemaleOneZero on Startnext. This is due to technical difficulties on the platform side in the payment process (affecting credit cards and direct debit procedures). In several cases, (even larger) sums could not be transferred. Unfortunately, this has had a lasting adverse effect on our confidence in the transaction process. In our opinion, a smooth and uncomplicated payment process for the supporters is one of the minimum requirements for a crowdfunding campaign.

We know that many other projects have been successfully funded via Startnext and the platform has a good reputation, which is why we initially chose it. Unfortunately, our high expectations were not fulfilled. On the bright side, there are no problems for our supporters as the money has not yet been withdrawn, the payment process has automatically stopped.

Since we noticed that some of our rewards have been well received, we have decided to offer them now via femaleonezero.com. This includes the storytelling workshops, the golden ticket for #dfla19, and membership in the FemaleOneZero community. Just have a look at our page or send us an email to editor@femaleonezero.com if you are interested.

Thank you for your loyalty and support. We will now do everything we can to make our project a success with other means and measures.

Has it ever been said that founding a company is easy?