Porsche Consulting Afterwork

Innovation Driven Organization: Booster for Your Digital Transformation

Date: April 29th 2019 in Munich

Host: Jana Golfmann, Senior Consultant (Porsche Consulting) and Katrin Fischer, Senior Consultant (Porsche Consulting)

Jana and Katrin gave an overview on the “Innovative Framework” topic. They talked about how and why to adapt it to the digital change and which Do’s and Don’ts must be considered. “Balance between core business and innovation is the key to success. But don’t forget your employees either,” explained Jana Golfmann. What is innovation though? A live survey with the audience via “slido” app explains it in three terms: new business models, people, market success. Not far from the official definition: Innovation is the successful introduction of a new product, service, process or business model. Thus, innovation is used as a source of temporary competitive advantage-causing growth.

Perception vs. performance

Where do we currently stand, in terms of innovation and what is the gap between the perception (innovation is important) and performance (how well does the implementation succeed)? Here, Jana and Katrin provide exciting figures: More than 70 % of the CEOs list innovation as one out of their top three areas of focus. But only 30 % have a systematic approach towards Innovation within their organization. This is why it is important to take a look at what makes a successful company. Innovation-driven organizations are powered by five principles: Balance, People Orientation, Curiosity, Focus, Pace. On the other hand, one should identify the Key Success Factors of Innovation-Driven Organizations as Booster for Your Digital Transformation:

1) CEO-driven change
2) Face your disruptive chances or threats
3) Master ambidexterity to balance a risk
4) Strictly user centered
5) Mistake is magic

The roadmap to an innovation-driven company

After all, a roadmap is needed to track exactly how the transformation to an innovation-driven company can be shaped. This happens in 5 phases (first 100 days, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months).

And then? Time for networking! There was a fancy flying buffet, cool drinks and inspiring conversations.