Porsche Consulting Afterwork

Why is digital transformation so difficult?

Date: September 16th in Berlin

Host: Juliane Steinacker, Consultant

What makes a really good event? Interaction. And at Porsche Consulting Afterwork this principle was definitely topped. A “slido” app was used to decide which aspect of the topic should be discussed. The audience had the choice between strategy, implementation and people and culture. The winner was – tadaa – People and Culture.

Strategies to foster transformation 

Juliane Steinacker explained why digital transformations so often fail: “There are many initiatives, but they don’t pull together. If there is no commitment from top management, there can be no innovation – even if innovation is driven bottom-up.” How can the transformation process nevertheless be shaped? Five small strategies can help here:

1st think strategically. Act pragmatically.
2. demonstrate customer obsession.
3. take ownership.
4. live bias for action.
5. accept failures.

And how it really doesn’t work in terms of transformation is presented on the hilarious organization chart. It becomes difficult when the VP positions under the Chief Digital Officer are occupied as follows: VP of Hype, VP of Disruption, VP of Buzzwords. Among them, at the directory level: Director of Strategery, Director of Ambiguity, Director of Shiny New Things, Director of Overpromise. And, finally, the Manager of Business Results – vacant of course.

Key success factors for digital transformation

Lastly, it identifies the key success factors of innovation-driven organizations as booster for digital transformation. These are

1) CEO-driven change
2) Face your disruptive chances or threats
3) Master ambidexterity to balance a risk
4) Strictly user centered
5) Mistake is magic

Conclusion: an exciting evening full of valuable insights with great encounters and super conversations.