Mali M Baum

1. What is the best advice ever received?

“Surround yourself with best people, smarter than you, that will teach you something every day”

2. What gets you out of bed every morning?

My kids, my family and my dreams are the reason for getting out of the bed every morning.

3. What are you next milestones?

I have milestones for the short run and long run; for the short run WLOUNGE is becoming a global and a strong key player to support the #ImAmagda movement for making women business ready by supporting and open doors for professional women, with our best current partners and future partner to join WLOUNGE mission as top tech ecosystem connector locally and globally. In the long run I would like to run for a powerful position to bring my values, experience, knowledge and network to impact Berlin and beyond and shape it as the most attractive city in EU for business and living.

4. What is your best analog moment?

I actually learned to have analog moments just in the last 2 years, I never thought that I deserve them. Now, each weekend I chose one day, usually Saturday, when I take the day off to be with my family, spend time with my friends and close people who give me energy. Also, my office is quite close to my home, so at least 3 days a week I walk home to clear my mind and have time to breathe and think. Moreover, holidays with the family became a significant part of my life and I’m trying to do my best to have as much as we can, we are learning from each other and communicate differently during vacations when we all have analog moments and I find it crucial for us and the kids.